Johannes Jasper

I’m Johannes Jasper, a software engineer, bike enthusiast, coffee nerd, and home-brewer from Berlin.

I currently work at neXenio, where I help building Bdrive, an end-to-end encrypted, zero-knowledge file sync and sharing application.

My main interest as a developer lies in building scalable, well maintainable, and secure service-oriented applications. I consider myself “full-stack” in the sense that my focus reaches from the API, the event-based service architecture, the deployment pipeline, down to the infrastructure where I mainly use Docker and Kubernetes.
While I have my roots in Python and Ruby on Rails, I mainly target the JVM using Java and Kotlin with Spring Boot at the moment.

I graduated from Hasso-Plattner-Institute where my focus shifted from human-computer interaction to deep learning and natural language processing.
In the course of my studies, I authored and contributed to the following publications:

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